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34 species of butterfly are seen regularly at Durlston, making it without doubt one of the very best places in Britain for butterfly watching. Notable species include the Lulworth Skipper, Adonis Blue and Chalkhill Blue.


Marbled White above Durlston Bay © Heather SnowFind out what makes Durlston a magnet for butterflies and discover the rare and beautiful species you can expect to see when you visit.

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Spotter's Guide

Adonis BlueLearn to identify all 34 species of butterfly found on the park, view photos and uncover fascinating facts.

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Butterfly Walks

Butterfly Walk map Take a virtual trip around the park and find the best spots for butterfly watching with our interactive guided walk using Google Maps.

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Butterfly calendarWhat to see and when? Check  the best times to visit Durlston to see each butterfly on the wing during the season.

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