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The water around Durlston can be a great place to see sealife, this could include Bottlenose Dolphins, Sunfish, Jellyfish, Seals and of course Seabirds.

Just take the Clifftop Trail and look out to sea, you never know what is going to pass by.  Please let us know any sightings.

The cliff top trail from Durlston Head to just above Tilly Whim caves is about 30 metres above sea level. From this height, weather allowing, dolphins can be spotted up to one mile offshore.

Shoals of fish, that have attracted a group of diving sea birds, may draw in dolphins. Look out for the dorsal fin of dolphins as they briefly come to the surface to breath. The shape, colour and marks of the dorsal fin can help to identify individual dolphins. In 1997 four Durlston regular Dolphins were also seen off Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. Dolphins are believed travel here from Cornwall.

Look at our annual marine sighting records and see if you can establish the best time of year to see them. We cannot!

We study the important seabird colonies along the cliffs and the bottlenose dolphins that visit the local waters.

Barrel Jellyfish swimming in sea

Amazing Barrel Jellyfish can be seen in the warmer months

Grey Seal

Get Involved

Each of our projects depend on volunteer support. There are many ways to help the Project. You could:

•            Join our Dolphin Watch team / Roaming Rangers

•            Subscribe for "Durlston Wildlife Text Alerts"

•            Report your sighting of Dolphin(s), Porpoise(s), Seal(s) and other marine wildlife.

•            Help with our beach cleans.