Orienteering at Durlston
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Orienteering at Durlston

Orienteering is a fantastic mental and physical challenge. It is also a way to discover new locations or even new parts of those you know.

It is perfect for families as well as friends and individuals.

Durlston has 3 graded self-led trails ranging from 2-5km.   download the map here.

For more information about orienteering visit wimborne-orienteers.co.uk 

Control point at Durlston

Orienteering is a Sport for All

For a range of abilities and most ages: children, families, groups of friends, keen walkers, runners and international athletes. Orienteering takes place in parks, urban areas, forests and around towns and cities. The aim of the sport is to navigate around your chosen course from Start to Finish and to visit all the control points on the way, in the order given or the most efficient route.

What does it involve:

Traditionally, one uses a compass and orienteering map to navigate on foot. Navigating from start to finish, you visiting the controls according to the challenge you have been set. The aim being to finish the coarse as quickly and accurately as possible.

Each control point is a red and white square marker. Each one has a different letter on it, use this to check that you have navigated correctly from the previous control point.

What you need:


- Download to you smart device the "MapRun" application. When on site search for and access the Durlston map. Then you can follow the course of your your choice using your smart phone, mind & body! When you are within a few metres of the control it will register on "MapRun" and "ping" . On completing the course the app will record your time.


- Print  the Durlston Orienteering map from this webpage. Or purchase an orienteering set from Durlston Castle (printed map, compass, pencil & instructions). Using the map and compass to find the controls. Write down the control codes and time yourself.

With either method choose one of the three courses available. (PLEASE NOTE: the “long” & “score” courses involve a lot of up & down!).

For more guidance you can join a Durlston "Try Orienteering" session or visit:

WIM Homepage | Wimborne Orienteers (wimborne-orienteers.co.uk)

Wessex Orienteering Club | Wessex Orienteering Club (wessex-oc.org)

How to take part using the free MapRun6 app:

1. If you are using a smartphone download the free app (MapRun6) from: maprunners.weebly.com

2. Find the start/finish symbol on the map and find your way there!

3. Open the app; select “Events near me” which locates you by your phone GPS. Choose Durlston CP Short, Long or Score. Wait for map & course to download then when ready, press “Go to Start” to begin. Your phone will buzz / beep when you are within 10 metres of the start.

4. Follow the sequence of letter codes on the paper map (or number sequence on your phone map). Your phone will buzz / beep when you are close to each control. There will also be a marker confirming the letters. (For the Score course you can choose to do them in any order.)

5. End the course by returning to the start/finish point to stop the timer!

6. Press Manual upload on the app to record your course & see how you compare to other people.