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Previous Artists Working at Durlston:

Abigail Reynolds – ‘Shapeshift: Landscape in Motion’

An Arts Council funded collaboration with scientists in Dorset and members of the local community to make a sculpture reflecting on the geology of the Jurassic Coast.

Andy Farrer and Julian Sawyer – ‘The Wild Side of Purbeck’

Landscape and wildlife photography of Purbeck.

Antonia Phillips – ‘Sea Fire and Ice – Purbeck and Iceland: Landscapes in Contrast’

Paintings by Antonia Phillips contrasting the landscapes of two very different coasts.

Antonia Phillips – ‘Postcards From Swanage’, ‘Design-o-saur’, ‘Stoneybones’

Community art projects with local schools at Durlston, supported by the Ranger team. 

Belinda Rush Jansen – ‘In Celebration of Wildness’

Exhibition of bronze casts and stone carvings of animals captures their wild essence in natural materials, to celebrate and remind us of the importance of connecting to wild beauty and peace.

Ben Osborne, Lal Hitchcock, Matt Harvey, Sammy Hurden – ‘The Jurassic Journey’

A multi-media presentation and exhibition, commissioned by Artsreach and Villages in Action, celebrating the landscapes, wildlife and people of the Jurassic Coast.

Boilerhouse Collective - 'To the Lighthouse'

Contemporary work in ceramics, jewellery, panting, photography, sculpture, stone carving and textiles  inspired by the Purbeck coastline.

Bruce Pearson and Anne Shingleton - 'Life, Light & Landscape'

Exhibition inspired by the natural world: Paintings in oil and watercolour, relief, monotype prints, drawings and studies from the wild, joined by a selection of small animal bronzes from Italy.

Caroline Parrott – ‘Kaleidoscope’

Community workshops and an installation in aluminium.

Cathy Veale and Antonia Phillips - 'Viewpoints: Mapping the Coast from Durlston to Durdle Door'

A celebration of maps and map-making in paint and print, inspired by grid squares from OS Explorer Map 15.

Chris Drury and Kay Syrad - 'Exchange'

Working alongside three Dorset farms the artists produced prints, a map work, photo/ text portraits and a large hand-made leather-bound book, using paper buried in the earth for 10 months.

Darell Wakelam – ‘Jurassic Art’

Family workshops at Durlston. 

Dorset Visual Arts – ‘Continuum’

An exhibition of art, design and making, curated by Dorset Visual Arts focussed on the evolution of professional practice.

Eeles Pottery & Debby Kirby - 'Texture, Colour & Creativity'

 An exhibition of stoneware, porcelain and raku ceramics, as well as silk scarves and wall hangings.

Forkbeard Fantasy

A range of interactive permanent installations in and around the Castle.

Frances Hatch and Robin Mackenzie - Dorset Arts Weeks residency, workshops and exhibition

Paintings of the coast in local earths and water-based media by Frances and narrative prints by Robin using wood engraving and linocut.

Gary Breeze – ‘The Timeline’

A carved stone installation for the Durlston Castle Project.

Greta Berlin & Zennor Box - 'Weird and Wonderful Creatures' 

An exhibition of Sculpture and Paintings by mother and daughter.

Guild of Glass Engravers - 'Trapped Light'

Exhibition showing the possibilities of contemporary engraved glass.

Hamish Murray – ‘Purbeck and Beyond’

Photographs, sketches and paintings reflecting the area’s stunning wildlife and landscapes

Heather Gibbons & Family - 'In my own way'

Paintings celebrating a century of family links to Swanage and the Isle of Purbeck.

Helen Muspratt – photography

Famous for her experiments with solarisation and work in the Soviet Union and Wales and her portraiture of Paul Nash and Eileen Agar in Swanage.

Julian Francis

Curated by Julian Francis, the exhibition explores the ground-breaking work of printmaker and artist Rena Gardiner.

Karen Hansen – ‘Games from the North’

Children’s woodcarving workshops, supported by Artsreach.

Lal Hitchcock – ‘Junk Art’

Children’s sculpture workshops, supported by Artsreach.

Lulu Quinn – ‘Diversity’

A glass and light installation for the Durlston Castle project.

Mandy Barker – ‘SOUP’

Beautiful and thought provoking images demonstrating the catastrophic effects of ‘SOUP’ (a description of suspended oceanic debris.)

Nessie Reid - 'The Milking Parlour'

An exhibition exploring our human relationship to food, farming and climate change.

Pauline Stanley – ‘Blooming Marvellous!’

Facilitated by Pauline Stanley, over 2,000 people worked together to share skills and knit a garden.

Peter Rush – '50 Years, Man and Boy’ 'The Art of Peter Rush at Durlston Castle'

Peter has returned to his first love, oil painting. Working mainly along the Dorset coast, his land, sea and skyscapes have been described as “Resembling ‘Turner-esque’ whirlwinds in their unsettling, almost alarming quality.”

Poole Printmakers - 'Inspired by Nature'

Exhibition of Monoprints, Linocuts, Mezzatints, Lithography, solar etching and more, by this long-established collective

Purbeck Art Weeks – ‘Purbeck Diversity’

Work by painters, sculptors, jewellers and photographers working in Purbeck, selected by PAW.

Purbeck Collective – ‘Beginnings’

Work by 14 Purbeck-based artists and makers reflecting the landscapes and geology of Purbeck and the Jurassic Coast.

Richard Tratt – ‘Wildlife Landscapes’

Paintings of Durlston and Dorset’s wildlife and landscapes.

Southern Contemporary - 'Purbeck Revisited'

New work on the theme of Purbeck.

Tony Kerins – ‘Purbeck

Where does the glimmer of an idea for a painting begin? For Tony, it starts in his sketchpad, where he records glimpses of everyday life and landscapes.

Walford Mill Crafts – ‘Inspire’

Christmas show of contemporary crafts.

Wendy Nutt and Caroline Parrott - Dorset Arts Weeks Craft Exhibition

Silver jewellery, anodised aluminium and contemporary craft.

Zachary Eastwood-Bloom – ‘Digital Earth’

Site specific work using digital media, sculpture and sound.