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Audio Tours

Explore Durlston with our free audio tours, by volunteers, staff and experts, all with their own take on the park. You can either just listen to these online, or download the audio files and use the maps to explore at Durlston. 


Delve into the history and stories of the Durlston Pleasure Grounds and the people who are connected to this special Victorian landscape. 

Aviary Glade - Light beams through an open canopy in the lower part of the woodland, with a rich history involving exotic birds, monkeys and a camel! 

Durlston Head - Discover the geology of this ever-changing coastline.

Isle of Wight Road - Local resident Jenny Marsh tells us about her favourite viewpoint, alongside the story of this spectacular footpath came to be. 

Lighthouse Field - Hear from the local artists who take inspiration from this special part of Durlston. 

The Woodland - Sophie and Carlotta take us on a stroll through the trees, listening to the birds and waves on the shore below.

Round Down - Illustrator Tony tells us about the quarrs and spoil heaps that form the lumps and bumps overlooking the Lighthouse. 

Durlston Castle - The vision of Victorian entrepreneur George Burt, generations of people have since found connection to this magnificent building. 

Caravan Terrace and the Dell - Richard provides insight into this ornamental area by the Castle with a rich quarrying history.

Great Globe - 40 tonnes of Portland limestone with surrounding stone inscriptions crafted to inform and inspire.

Observation Point - Vigour and well-being are discussed whilst stood at a glass wall 149 feet above the sea below. 

Play Trail - Along stepping stones and a woodchip path, we adventure through an assault course of balance logs and swings through the woodland. 

Tilly Whim Caves - Along the clifftop trail, we explore a wild coast of waves, caves, and if you're lucky, a dolphin or two as well!

Audio tour credit: Cabinet of Living Cinema

Take a tour along the beautiful Clifftop Trail and learn all about the sights you will see on the way

Caravan Terrace - Cross the bridge to reach this curious ledge carved into the bedrock.

Durlston Head - Overlook Durlston Bay with the view across the two bays and across to the Isle of Wight.

Great Globe - Marvel at one of largest stone spheres in the world. 

Observation Point - Peer through a glass wall to see the seabirds which call these cliffs home.

Dolphin Hut - Sheltered from the wind and rain, this hut provides the perfect spot to spy marine wildlife. 

Tilly Whim Caves - Tunnels and caves blasted and quarried into the cliffs.

Diagonal Path - Bright yellow Gorse flowers line this path which loops us back towards the Castle. 

Durlston Castle - Our tour ends at the centrepiece of George Burt's Durlston Estate. 

Listen to Ian Harkness and Park Ranger Ali Tuckey on local radio station Purbeck FM

Ian Harkness and Ali Tuckey Podcast - News from the park in January 2021; nature, health, and rewilding (32 minutes).