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Would you like to make a lasting contribution to Durlston?

We are offering the chance to Sponsor some specific items and your sponsorship can be recognised in the following ways:

  • All contributors can have a framed ‘certificate’
  • All contributors can be listed on the Durlston website (if they wish)
  • Contributors of £500 or over will be invited to an exclusive Castle event
  • Contributors of £1,000 or over will be listed on a plaque in the Castle

There are many items you could sponsor, including those below.  The range of options cover all areas such as interpretation, practical furniture, historical, educational, sustainable and personal.
The photographs are an indication only of the item proposed.

Terracotta Balustrades – only 2 of the original 14 section remained, so to return the castle to its full glory the others had to be made to match following the traditional methods of terracotta casting.  6 have already been sponsored (£1000 each).

Children’s and Educational items.

  • Tools for children to use during conservation work—loppers, spades, gloves for children
  • An Artist to come into the Studio to work with schools, children and other visitors
  • Explorers Rucsacks—a goody bag full of games and equipment to be taken out around Durlston by children, families and visitors, to help them find out more about this fantastic place.

The Geolab

The geology of Durlston Bay has truly global importance and is a key feature of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. This innovative display space is a major element in the refurbished Castle, using spectacular rocks and fossils to bring the fascinating 135 million year old story of Durlston to life.

The Belvedere   

Sponsored by the Friends of Durlston.

This elegant, spacious room, with its large windows on all sides and associated roof terrace, has a commanding position at the highest level of the Castle, providing some of the finest coastal views in Britain. The Belvedere will be open to the public so that visitors can enjoy the unique experience it offers. There are also opportunities for occasional private hire, exclusive evening events and dining.

The Cinema

On the Exhibition level this is a multi-sensual room providing differing views and films about Durlston and beyond, including a fantastic four-screen ‘Round the Year at Durlston’ cinematic show.


The annual programme of changing Exhibitions within the Fine Foundation Gallery – combining static exhibits with talks, walks, activities, collaborative materials and associated events – some topics are Durlston Rocks!, Migration and Underwater Magic.


The new Timeline serpentine path that winds its way gently down from the car park to the Castle takes you on a journey through time, via stone monoliths and inscriptions carved and designed by artist Gary Breeze.

Discovery Garden

An innovative and contemplative space, ideal for enjoying the stunning views. The garden includes the Walk of Words.

Fine Foundation Gallery

Sponsored by the Fine Family Foundation,

A wonderful new build gallery space on the Exhibition level of the Castle, to be used for art exhibits, projections, and travelling and temporary exhibitions.  Within the Exhibition programme are a few spaces, left to allow the gallery to be hired for conferences and wedding receptions.

Durlston Reception

This will be the point of arrival for over 200,000 visitors per year. Dynamic, up-to-the-minute interpretation and displays will introduce visitors to Durlston’s ever-changing environment and wildlife, with live sounds and images beamed directly back from remote cameras on the Park.

Wildlife Cameras

Transportable Wildlife cameras which can be used around the Park, for example in the meadows in the summer, by an owl roost in the autumn, or watching the adders in the spring.  (approx £1,000).

Access Improvements

Gates enable us to manage livestock and appropriate visitor access. They may be pedestrian, mobility vehicle or field gates to benefit both people and wildlife. An all-terrain Tramper buggy, to allow the less mobile to travel independently around the Park. Total cost £5000 (£4000 already donated).

Renewable Energy

Including photovoltaic cells and energy production all at the new Learning Centre.


Picnic Tables

Currently we are using recycled plastic Picnic Tables which are approximately £400. We hope to have opportunities for people to support stone and timber benches in the Avairies and on the coast path through the "Parks for People" this space.