The Walk of Words is comprised of over 250 engraved Purbeck limestone blocks on the wall between the two keeps in the garden of the Castle

It was designed as part of the fundraising for the Durlston Project. 

The wall is now complete, so we are open new ideas....


Engraved Blocks

The following is the list of the blocks produced, they are now topping the low wall through the garden of Durlston Castle - can you find yours?

Happy 1950's holidays for The Mahoney Family

May the sun caress you and peace walk with you

MWP Engineers

Great views but the walk may kill you   D P Divall

Michael Heather 1928-1997 and those who follow

Caroline and Peter Mahoney Greatly loved April 2007

Robin Worsfold quarter century at St. Joseph's!

Probus One   Swanage

Ringwood and Fordingbridge Footpath Society

A Special Place to remember Ken and Sylvia Hall

"Rested and admired" for far too long. Hugh Salter

A special place for volunteers to help conserve

Shaun Tolman age 55 his going left such sorrow

Billy Willy dog who loved Bunny Alley Nov 2007

Dawn to Dusk - Durlston delights. Dibsdalls 2007

Together to rest in a beautiful place

In memory of Janet Anstey 1941-2006 'Happy Times'

Our happiness here belongs to us forever

God Bless You. Betty Eddie Chris Morris, Droylsden

Love nature love life love here Yaowalak

Supported by the Isle of Purbeck Arts Club Choir

Seeking dolphins! K G  J G Wass and B Newman

You can see Gulls at Peveril Point from here

An area of timeless amazing beauty

Iron coast dolphin ride wave by cave word incise

Life, land, sea and sky cast their magic spell

The Purbeck Society

"Mi Patria" Pause, pray & enjoy God's gift of beauty

Doug & Doris Raftery friends & lovers of Durlston

Sylvia Ann Thompson 1939-2007 Forever Loved

Mum & Dad 45y married Love SKELH SP ACSLJ xxx

Matt Alexander.  Thanks for all the wild cabbage.

Many walks. Many memories. Dennis Sherborne

Guillemots Dolphins Orchids - such beauty BE&PE

Happy Birthday Tricia love Ena David Angela 2008

Andrew Colbourne you lived, so we smile 1965-2008

Caroline O'Keeffe - Remembered with love

Pete and Sarah love each other and Durlston

Summer picnics, winter walks with Christine Wale

We just love this silly castle, many memories.

Our hopes & wishes for happy days to all  M & F.

Look around and see creation in all its glory

Muriel & Alec Shepheard - happy days spent here.


Sue & Wayne Lyons, our friends from Calgary

Kenneth Lovell Tolliday a lover of all Durlston

In Loving Memory of Mary Walshaw 1907-1987

In Loving Memory of Philip Walshaw 1905-1987 

Earth has not anything to show more fair

than old London by the sea   Ian C Norton 2010

The Scotts Friends to Durlston & many The Cobbetts

Jill Noble loved the meadows and the sea.

In Loving Memory of Roger Cooper 1949-2001

Many happy times. The Hills and the Wiltshires

Great holidays at the lighthouse C,J,J,R&N Sears

Happy memories.The Ray family. Dad's 80th 5/5/09

Peter  & Sue 29 July 2009  20 happy years

For love are in we am in i are in you. JKK & JAGR

Oliver Cadoux 1904-2000 Muriel Cadoux 1914-2006

Jack Smith - may the road rise to meet you xxx

Mick & Mary made Swanage the "main" place to be!

Monty James Bratcher-Howard - born March 2009

Hazel Rae 1942-2008 she loved it here

Simon and Su Happy Happy 2009 xx

Bert & Vera Lincoln happy days love The Tapps

Our special place. Family Rodrigues. 28.10.09

Happy memories for all the family Marilyn+Barrie

Friends of Durlston Commemorating their first twenty years 1988 - 2008

Pam Harding 1952-2009 so many wonderful memories

Lol Remembering the great times we had love Joy x

Lovers of this place. Ray & Jackie 6.9.10  

Warm summers with Freddie (2000) and Mary (2009)

Hugh and Fay Falkner loved this coastline

Walking here with Grandpa on Sunday afternoons

Many happy times and memories for Dad Steve Judith James and Daniel Brown 2010

Robin Plowman, Ranger here for 21yrs, thank you

Jo Pratt (1928 - 2011) who loved Pale Flax

In memory of Gordon William Richards 1949-2011

In memory of my laid-back Father always loved & never forgotten Daniel, Natalie, Elloise & Imogen

Jennie+Arnold Browne    Lovely walks lovely days

Dearest Dave Miss You Always Love You Forever x

In loving memory of      Edna Clarke 1921-2011

Harry & Judith - friends of Durlston, dogs & dolphins

Pikes and Sargents for Durlston for ever Perfect

Dave, Lou and Zoe, forever blowing bubbles

Mary Stretton 1913-2005  loved this special place

Tim+Claire engaged in    Dorset, married in Sydney

Happy times in Dorset     Vic & Rene Steele

Many happy returns  Cloughs & Purchases

For Ed Tom Peter Henry John James Emma & Isla X

Greta Owen 1925-2009 Harold Owen 1922-2011. FOD

A Special Place    Love to all Condies x

Sharon, Ian and Russell Mateer, a favourite place

Dedicated to Bill & Grace Crouch & their Son Chris

Ben Crowe 80 loved Durlston with its wild soul.

How we loved it here, You, Me & Roly. Bill Fox 2011

Baby Ivor 13-12-10 with love the Jefferis Family

Donald         Catherine     Married 8 September


Mike Robins 1943 - 2011  'It must be Sunday'

Here with love we remember Mum Georgina Bell

Ruby & Roger Backhouse.  Wish You Were Here

Make the most of every day.  Love u always.  Mum xx

Babs Don Martin Bedwell  Helen John Swailes 2012

We came, we saw'd, we conquered -DCC Secs Sep 11

Rose & Chris Sargent 40 years together 29.07.12

In memory of John & Lillian Connor who loved Durlston

In Loving Memory of Joy & David Conibear 2013

Kevin Finbar Jackson 1938 - 2014.   Happiest Here.

For Barbara, a gentle soul who loved the countryside.

Just chilling  Janet, Steve and Raffles 2012

Happy Seaside memories of Junko-Mummymo Tom&Rui

We loved it here.      Miss you Peter. Love Gayley x  
Marilyn Moore 1953-2013  RIP in your favourite place x
1100-1111-10110-101            1100-1001-110-101  11111011111 
John Irving Holmes ('Jok') 1.11.1955 - 24.2.2014
In memory of Doris Holmes  4.12.1919 - 1.9.1998
In memory of Roy Holmes 31.3.1921 - 28.4.2009


God saw all He had made, and it was very good.

Great walks and waggy tails with Shana and Tilly

For: Rory Charlie Jack Frazer Lucy-Jane and Skye

The Butterfly Trail rules - OK!  Billy Bousfield

Oh to be a dog with Durlston at my paws.MRB-2006

Birds singing flowers blooming  B and G Hewett

In memory of Meg Goldingham 1932-2006

Where seagulls cry in lonely clamour calling  M.W.

The only place a butterfly can fly round the world while you have a cup of tea

Jim Jeffs ~ Climber Brother ~ 2003

Durlston holds many happy memories for my family

Nature in all her glory cherish her.  Ros.

John Kightley 1942-2006 he loved it here

Let nature's rhythm soothe your soul

We love Durlston - the Owens and the Kurowskis

Milou & Fuzzy love the children & grandchildren

In memory of my husband, James Arneil Lang, an enthusiast

Long live Tufty

To God be the glory!

We love walks & doggy friends in park, MJ&Brodie U

The Clark family who had so many happy times here

Butterfly days! In memory of Sylvia Sherren

Water earth air memories we share Derwent Clarks

Far from the madding crowd. Bob & Anne Blackman 2007

Placed with love for Lilian and Victor Looker

In memory of Bill Alexander who loved Purbeck

Joyce Alexander fond memories of time in Purbeck

Blow the stress away with a Swanage day-The Mitchells

For Joyce my life forever in Purbeck love Gordon

Hilda Handley (Gar) 1913-2007 "Am I Famous?"

So much fun for 3 generations so far: D & D Cooke

Celebrating 50yrs in Purbeck: The Sanders Family

Marie loved walking while Charlie chased rabbits

Early morning dolphin quest from coast path  JPD

I told you it was worth coming here!

Angela & Alan we came, we loved and we stayed

Harry R. Cornish 1920 - 2007 Ever remembered

Carrie Constable - b. 12:11:2006

For those who love this place a whole awful lot

The Smiths were here - Audrey & John 2007

David, Tom & Frances Smith & their families

The Traylers many happy returns

Behold England's green & pleasant land TR&JDL 08

Harry Redvers Bratcher-Howard - Born March 2007

For our Darlings Kimberley and Marnie Kidby xxx

A lovely place to remember James Rout 1982 - 2008

In Loving Memory of Cicely Strange 1903-2001

 In Loving Memory of Freddie Strange 1899-1975

The sun always shines in Swanage-The Elkes Family

Blackberries and picnics happy days with Sheila

Our beloved father, Derek Green, walked this way

Avernus Cerberus Freda Birds Nest Gangway Balcony

Happy memories every year J B S C D Peppin

For Roger who studied and loved this landscape

Tom Roder  Poet  1962 - 1997

The world is half-empty of those I have loved

In loving memory - Tony Sims 1944 - 2007

To our Crispin who manfully strode these cliffs

Chris West loving memories of our dear Dad J D J

Edward Cadoux 1905-2002 Loved God's creativity

Walk and enjoy the views Nicola Julia and "girls"

A haven of peace - Bernard & Grace Loach & sons

Hazel & Peter Rae happy memories here at Durlston

For Chaz and for Zep You made it all possible xx

Emily Rose 2004 & James David 2009 you are loved

Barbara and Joan loved to be here

Congratulations June & Liam on your wedding day

Live, love, laugh, bloom Laurie & Doris Burrows

Happy Days The Crossley and Waldon families

Piers, Pauline, Miles and Lydia. 2011

Happy memories of Lily and Harold Pollard

The Rogers Family so many happy memories

The McLarens and Friends had happy holidays here

Many happy memories Ivor Claire & Amy Wilkinson

Burrell Colgate & Phyllis Turner our dear Aunts

who loved Durlston from Brian, Tricia and Angela

Durlston truly my Garden of Eden. Karen North

For Pam. Love from Ian Anne Mark James Emily

Bill Myers 1934 - 1997 His special place

Forever in my heart Dad many happy times love U Chloe x

For my dad I'll never forget you love always Mel

John & Neva Errington     Lived Loved & Laughed here

In loving memory of  Kenneth Clarke 1919-2009

Happy Memories New Beginnings    Fitchetts & Friends

Love to all our family   Daphne and John Mitchell

Constance Pool d2011   Loved looking for dolphins

Thanks for the happy times here. Spurgeons et al

To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wild flower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.  - William Blake

William and Louise    21st May 2011

2011: Gracie & Jack hunt  dolphins find adventure

Just breathe in the air and soak up the views

Chaeli and Chris     31st March 2012

Eunice Loveless Missing you Mom xxxxxx

Eileen & Don Spurgeon, Harold & Rose Hayes

Pete, Sarah, Isaac & Ailsa Moon. Australia 2011

For Mum Raye Penley (nee Gough) who loved it here

Forever walk in Your Footsteps Love Jane Sarah David 2011

Here is Paradise   Peter and Heather Bell

In loving memory of Frans and Alie Palte

"OutTo Grass" Group  Milborne St Andrew  2012

Ruth Spencer has retired  Yippee  March 2012

Joan Palmer Who we loved + shall never forget

Happy Days Richard & Davina Smith 2012

Robert and bike - travelling along with you

Danny Shepherd 1971 - 1998  Gone too soon

In memory of brothers Ted, Alan &  Harry Waterman

Lorna & Dave 'Just Married' 7 September 2012

Our favourite place  The PlumRoseKing clan

Ernie Tily 1930-2011  Always in our thoughts.

Geoff Bray always in our hearts and memories

Ita Myers a loving Wife, Mum and Granmum xxx

In loving memory of Jimmy Chinchen 1950-2000

We loved it here        Miss you Peter. love Gayley x

In loving memory of      Helen Jane Dorey 1912 - 1998

Julie-Ann & Andrew Redout married here on 11th May 2013

If thou wilt, remember. In memoriam Betty Croxson

The Famous Five!  Jo, Mark, Matthew, Claire, Mary
Special Place, Special Memories Jenny, Emily & Anna