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Audio Tours

Explore Durlston with our free audio tours, by volunteers, staff and experts, all with their own take on Durlston! 

For each tour, download the map (.jpg) and audio files (.mp3) to your phone and off you go...

1. Download the maps: Click on the link and save 

2. Download the audio files: Click on the link and then the 3 dots to the right and select download. 

(Use the back button after each file).

3. Enjoy!  


1. The Clifftop Trail:

"Pirates, Plankton and Puffer Fish!"

Rachel Oldham            

"Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm a volunteer here at Durlston - welcome to my audio tour! This hour long walk follows the beautiful Clifftop Trail, with 8 short talks about the things you will see along the way and loads of fun facts! Find out why Old Harry is called Old Harry, when kissing's in season and a secret Victorian picnic spot. Enjoy!" 

A one-hour walk with spectacular views, starting and finishing at Durlston Castle.

Follow the blue clifftop trail waymarks.

Some hills and uneven paths. 






Clifftop Map Rachel     

Rachel Track 1 

Rachel Track 2 

Rachel Track 3

Rachel Track 4 

Rachel Track 5

Rachel Track 6

Rachel Track 7 

Rachel Track 8