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Key: Visitor Centre icon Visitor Centre Park Boundary icon Route Start point icon Start point Butterfly species icon Butterfly species


1. Leave the Visitor Centre by the entrance facing the sea. Follow the narrow path to the right of the 'weather station' down to the surfaced road. Turn left along the road, following the 'Black Cormorant' signs.

Zone A: Hedgerow and shaded road verge.

2. After about 100 metres, turn right down the 'Diagonal Path' towards Tilly Whim Caves.

Zone B: Woodland and glades.

3. Continue down the 'Diagonal Path'.

Zone C: Sheltered long grass tussocks and scrub.

3. At the bottom of the path, turn left and go past the entrance to Tilly Whim Cave and follow the Coast Path.

Zone D: Bare ground, short grass banks and cliff edge.

4. After the Observation Point, continue to the right, go round Durlston Head and continue up towards the entrance to the 'Castle'.

Zone E: Sheltered woodland and scrub.

5. Continue to the top of the slope around the Castle entrance.

Zone F: Nectar-rich plants and sunny woodland.

6. Continue up the steep slope to the car park. Bear left, and return to the Visitor Centre.