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1. Leave the Visitor Centre by the entrance facing the sea. Follow the narrow path to the right of the 'weather station' down to the surfaced road. Turn right. After about 25 metres, pass through a gate. Immediately bear right along the grass path.

Zone A: Open grass and small copse.

2. Follow the path westwards. Pass through a 'kissing gate' and continue straight on downwards to a five-barred gate. After the gate you reach a south-facing, flower covered slope.

Zone B: South-facing flower covered slope.

3. Continue west along the bottom of the valley. After passing through a 'kissing gate', turn immediately left. The track swings to the right through some bushes.

Zone C: Bushes.

4. On entering an open field, go left towards the sea. After 100 metres (80 yards), turn left and cross the wall at a stone stile. Follow the path along the top of Round Down - the sea to your right. Pass over a stone stile (or through a 'kissing gate') and go down a steep slope towards the lighthouse - be careful as this slope can be slippery!

Zone D: Downland slope

5. Go through the 'kissing gate' at the bottom of the slope and turn left onto the surfaced road.

Zone E: Bushes.

6. Follow the road back towards the Visitor Centre.

Zone F: Sheltered south-facing banks.

7. After passing through the gate turn left and return to the Visitor Centre.