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Teaching Resources

Durlston is a superb outdoor classroom, with a wealth of opportunities to enhance the study of geography, science, history, art and much more. This page will develop to provide resources for teachers.




Teaching Aids

Durlston's Guillemots - Lesson Pack
Description: This lesson unit looks at the Guillemot colony at Durlston Country Park. Using the provided resources pupils are encouraged to look at how Guillemots are adapted for their lifestyle, the advantages and disadvantages of living on a cliff and how their life cycle is adapted to ensure breeding success. As an extension more able pupils should be encouraged to use this information to suggest threats to the Guillemots and conservation methods to ensure the survival of the colony. The unit should take between one and two lessons (approximately two hours).
Subject: Science
Key Stage: KS2
QCA Schemes
of Work:
Unit 5B - Life Cycles; Unit 6A - Interdependence and Adaptation
Resource Type: PDF
Download: Guillemot Lesson Plan and Resources (ZIP file / 1.7MB)