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Report a Marine Sighting

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Time First Seen (GMT):
Time Last Seen (GMT):
Animal Encountered:
If other please specify:
Species: (if known)
Estimated Number:
Location first sighted: (bearing or distance to known landmark, GPS or lat/long for observer and animals position)
Behaviour of animal: (e.g. slow/fast swim, leaping, direction of movement)
Does it have a Dorsal Fin?
Does it have a Beak?
What colour is it?
How long is it?
Any distinguishing marks?
Sea State:
Note: This information will be held on a database by the above third parties. It will not be made available to any other party without your permission.

Bottlenose dolphins off Durlston Head

Dolphin Watch Hut

Durlston Head

Dolphin leaping